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Running Alarm Clock

Running Alarm Clock

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Alarm Clock on Wheels: The best wake up call ever. Never be late. Clocky, the runaway alarm clock is the rolling, jumping, moving alarm you never knew you needed. Clocky (Clockie) the only DURABLE OR YOUR MONEY BACK bedside alarm that will run away, hide, move, roll, wheel, beep, and jump (from up to a 3 foot nightstand). He is cool, fun, annoying, unique, a bit crazy and guaranteed to get you up on time. Moves (on carpet or wood), shakes, changes directions. You will get up to turn Clocky off!
Loudest Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers: Clocky is super loud. Part robot, part alarm clock- he sounds like R2D2. Obnoxious enough so you can't sleep through. Hands down the best alarm clock for the deep sleeper.
Abuse the Snooze? Know someone who does? I bet you even put the clock on the other side of the bedroom. Clocky is for kids, teens, adults- the gadget for all ages to get up on time. You won't stay in bed when Clocky is going off or running around your room. Clocky is the perfect gift for the college student dorm, graduation, and back-to-school.

Material: plastic
Power: 4 x AAA battery (excluding)
Color: white, yellow, black, pink
Size: 13 x 8 cm
Packet size: 16 x 11 x 10.5 cm

Package Content :
1 x alarm clock 1 x employment model

 Estimated Delivery Time 12-25 Days


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